Posted by: bikenfool | June 1, 2008

Sun is out…

The sun is shinning, I feel all right…

After yesterday being so crappy, I wasn’t sure I would get a ride in this weekend. Sunday, as it turns out, has proven to be beautiful. For some odd reason, I haven’t been sleeping great for the last few nights. Maybe it’s cause my wife is out of town and I miss her. I been working late, staying up late and getting up early.

Anyway, I was not sure if I would have a good ride today but I just got back and I say it was great! I went to Otis and just wandered all over. I am starting to create a new loop. I think I feel comfortable finding the same route. For the last three rides at Otis, I have been exploring and trying to string together a series of trails and I think it’s working. The loop is up to about 8.5 miles. I would like to get it to 12-14.

I almost forgot, I saw a deer that was bigger than me. I came up on him fast and startled him. Scared me just as much. He ran across the trail in front of me as I had both brakes locked, sliding in a cloud of dust to miss him. So after I changed my shorts, I though too bad I couldn’thave gotten to my camera quickly. I don’t think I have ever been that close to a deer that big. Sorry on picture but I will post one of my shorts for proof.  

“X” Marks The Spot…

I had great energy and could have ridden for another hour or so but I  am heading out of town this afternoon. I have been testing eating different things and I think it’s working well for energy and endurance. I will post a topic on this soon. Even with rain yesterday, the trails we dry and actually dusty. The shot above is one of many xings.

There are lots of rocks and obstacles to go over, as you can see. This shot is from top of on of the craziest rocks I have seen in there.  I was about 10 feet up and this angle does no justice to the steepness. As I was riding alone I did not attempt it.

I rode the Epic today. Boy I love how that thing pedals. It just feels so efficient. I set my tires at about 30lb for this ride. At least in the front it was too much pressure. The front end would lose it’s line in any sand as the tire would just sink in too far.  I have been running the suspension softer than usual after being spoiled riding the Stumpjumer for about six rides. I think I like it but I did bottom it out in the back at least once.    

The ride is uploaded to and the overview is located on the “Idol Time




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