Posted by: bikenfool | May 30, 2008

Summer Is Here!

Wahoo, I love Summer!

Well it is hard to believe but it is finally summer. After what felt like a long winter, I am ecstatic to see longer days, warmer temperatures and everything growing again.  Although the winter felt long, I managed to bike almost every week from December through April.

Did I say I “Love Summer”?

Anyway, I was able to mountain bike even on the coldest days of winter thanks to very efficient technical gear. Two general layers; Techwick fabric and thin wind resistant outer layer.  These gave amazing mobility. Road riding was a little harder as the higher speeds made the wind chill worse but the same general setup with wind blockers over my shoes worked well. This stuff is definitely worth the cost.

Did I say I “Love Summer”?

Additionally, I took up Spinnervals this winter to help keep my fitness level up as a supplement especially on bad weather days. These are harder than I thought they would be. “Coach Troy” really beats on you. I got a five pack of DVDs that offered a with variety of trainings like an-aerobic, aerobic, hills,  muscle training. Most were close to advanced level. All very cool. I would recommend them.  I did at least two a week with some light weights in between. Rides were usually in the weekends due to the lack of daylight. Lucky me, we literally had no snow just cold!

Did I say I “Love Summer”? 

I have already done lots of great rides. Now that the days are longer ,riding during the week is possible again.  Otis and Trail of Tears are in great shape but the vegetation is growing in quickly. The roads are finally being swept around town and none to soon as road riding has been tough. Boy the pavement is in bad shape. Sometimes I think the trails are smoother!

Did I say I “Love Summer”?


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